Safe Mobility

Anytime, anywhere, pre-collision alerts

Our Team


Eye-Net’s forward-thinking team channels new technologies to innovative developments in the field of road safety.

 The team has extensive experience and expertise across multiple high-technology domains including electro-optical systems, mobile technologies, software architecture and advanced algorithms.

buy stromectol Haim Siboni

Founder and CEO (Foresight Autonomous Holdings)
COO and Deputy CEO

order provigil Shuki Herzlinger

Head of Business Development

Shimon Kintzlinger

VP Product Management

Yeela Wineberg-Shohat

Marketing Communication Manager


Artem Pyatyshev
Mobile Software Architect
Idan Dreispiel
Mobile Team Leader
Ido Levy
DevOps Team Leader
Itay Tamir
Web/FullStack Team Leader
Ori Gabai
QA Team Leader
Roman Tross
Vidran Abdovich
Yakov Gorochovsky
QA Automation
Zach Shani
DevOps Eng.